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Category: Card [ Азартные игры ]

Ben 10 Slammers v1.0 [Universal] [ скачать бесплатно ]

Ben 10 БОРЦЫ

Collect, upgrade and unleash your aliens in a massive BEN 10 COLLECTIBLE CARD BATTLE! Play through a huge solo campaign as Ben, or take on your friends in multiplayer mode.

San Juan v1.01 [Universal] [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 3 сен. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 61.1 Мб ЦЕНА: $7.99

The exciting card game based on the award-winning strategy game Puerto Rico is now available for iPad and iPhone

Duel of Fate v1.1.0 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 6 авг. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 82.3 Мб ЦЕНА: Бесплатно

Duel of Fate: The Power Lies in Your Hands

Poker Play (4 in 1) : The Roman Architect v3.0.1 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: РАЗМЕР: Размер: 10.2 Мб ЦЕНА: $0.99

The Roman Empire is expanding and the Caesar dreams of creating a city that will be the Empire’s crown jewel.

Solitaire City™ (Deluxe) v3.03 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 27 сен. 2011 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 18.1 Мб ЦЕНА: $4.99

Solitaire City™ now supports retina displays and is also a Universal App! Buy once and play it on both iPad and iPhone with enhanced high resolution graphics when played on an iPad. Compete against player’s from all around the world via Wi-Fi or cellular networks and see your name and scores in lights on real-time, daily, weekly and champions leaderboards that are automatically synchronized with a central server. Openfeint, Plus+ and other common leaderboard solutions don’t offer the daily and weekly hi-score tables found in Solitaire City Deluxe.

Sexy Poker 2009 v1.1.2 [ скачать бесплатно ]


Want to play poker in good company? Choose the first and unique sexy poker game on iPhone!

Cribbage HD v2.7.2 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 16 апр. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 43.3 Мб ЦЕНА: $2.99

Catch the crib! Play the App Store’s top rated cribbage online with your friends or anyone in the world! With fluid action, this game is intuitive and easy to play for both novice and experienced players.

Pinochle v2.1.2 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 18 дек. 2011 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 7.2 Мб ЦЕНА: $2.99

This is the no-ads version of the most popular pinochle app for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. (If you wish to try before you buy, download the free ad-supported Pinochle!! app.)

Live Poker Deluxe by Zynga [ скачать бесплатно ]


Compete online against 1.5 million daily players at the biggest texas hold’em casino on Facebook and MySpace.

LFreeCell v1.32 [ скачать бесплатно ]


LFreeCell is the Free Cell solitaire card game for the iPhone and iPod touch. LFreeCell plays 1,000,000 (one million) different freecell games using the same game numbers that Microsoft Freecell uses.

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