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Category: Finance & Business [ Финансы и Бизнес ]

Money v6.3.1 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 15 окт. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 25.8 МБ ЦЕНА: 329 р.

Top 1 Finance app developer presents: Money (iBearMoney) for the most comprehensive mobile personal finance management. Buy now >>

tinyWallet v1.3 [Universal] [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2 июн. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 15.7 Мб ЦЕНА: $0.99

*** Free on June 22nd ***

PocketMoney – checkbook, budgets, expenses v3.1.8 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 5 май. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 8.5 Мб ЦЕНА: $4.99

PocketMoney gives you the most features, at the least cost, in an effective user interface. Find out why says: "The app is easy to use that in fact, it is fast-becoming my most-used app on my iPad."

Debt Payoff Pro v3.3 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 24 мар. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 1.8 Мб ЦЕНА: $0.99

Debt Payoff Pro will help you to payoff all your debts using the popular Debt-

GetPaid! v2.7.5 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 14 мар. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 3.0 Мб ЦЕНА: $4.99

Instantly produce professional invoices and time sheets, right on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. With the GetPaid! – PDF Invoice & Time Sheet app, you’ll save time, money and work as you speedily bill your customer and move on to the next job. You can even track your time, inventory and the payments that come in.

CurrencyGo Pro v2.5 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 1 июн. 2012 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 1.7 Мб ЦЕНА: $0.99

CurrencyGo provides currency rates and a simple way to convert between currencies. Application supports several data sources and the way to switch between them.

Fine Gold Price v3.0 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 28 сен. 2011 г. РАЗМЕР: Размер: 1.9 Мб ЦЕНА: $1.99

Apple has chosen Fine Gold Price for the “What’s Hot” section of the iTunes App Store!

The Converter v0.350 [ скачать бесплатно ]


Unit and Currency Converter.

Home Buying Power v1.43 [ скачать бесплатно ]


Do you wonder how falling interest rates affect your buying power for your next house? Home Buying Power is a tool that helps you quickly determine how much house you or your client can afford.

BillMinder v1.6.1 [ скачать бесплатно ]


BillMinder simplifies your life by tracking your bills. It is your feature-packed, personal bill assistant. BillMinder was the first bill tracking tool available on the App Store and continues to innovate with new features (suggested by our wonderful users).

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