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oneSafe – Secure password manager and data vault to protect [ скачать бесплатно ]

oneSafe - Единственный сейф, который умещается в карман!
ОБНОВЛЕНО: 04.02.2014 РАЗМЕР: 42.3 МБ ЦЕНА: 199 р.

Do you struggle to remember all those usernames, passwords and pass codes that

Требуется: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod
touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Краткое описание: Do you struggle to remember all those usernames, passwords and pass codes that
modern life has forced on you


Do you
forget Bank codes right at the moment when
you need to use them? Now you can have
them always with you and in perfect security!
oneSafe stores your confidential information
including your secret documents and keeps
everything safe and easily accessible at the
right place. It will automatically log you into
websites within a simple touch. Whatever
information you want to store, oneSafe
adapts to your tastes and enables you to
create the look that best suits you.
oneSafe allows you to:
• Easily create, view, edit items and keep
them in order
• Take advantage of the ready-made
templates to enter details
• Automatically log into websites
• Manage and safely store all your documents
(Word, Excel, PDF)
• Perform a manual back-up to restore all
your saved personal information
• Easily copy & paste complex usernames and
• Modify the textures, materials and colors of
each item
• Mark any item as a favorite for fast access
• Perform fast searches in the database with
a simple to use, but powerful search
• Synchronize information between several
devices using iCloud
Safe storage for:
• Credit card numbers and entry codes
• Social security numbers
• Bank accounts and tax numbers
• Usernames and passwords
• Create your own templates!
• Documents like PDF, Word, Excel
• Your secret pictures
• A unique, ultra-secure browser to store and
access your information quickly and easily,
without leaving behind any cookies or
browsing history
• The highest level of encryption AES 256
with a 256-bit code to completely protect
your data from any possible attack
• Copy-paste technique for quick and easy
entry of complex usernames and passwords
• Free back-up utility to keep the app safe
oneSafe combines Security, Simplicity and
Elegance in a password storage application.
Grab it now and protect any hackers or
wandering eyes from getting a sneak peek at
your personal data!
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  1. imbaaa says:

    Where flat design for ios7?

  2. lexdm says:

    Удобно, на русском, недорого, хороший интерфейс

  3. Max says:

    Удобно и полезно

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