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Category: RPG & Quest [ Ролевые игры ]

The Rise of Gaddafish v1.0.0.1 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2013-01-29 РАЗМЕР: 33 МБ ЦЕНА: 34,00р.

You are just some guy, some guy who is going about his usual business. Then suddenly, someone from your past turns you into a fish, and throws you into the ocean. Oh darn. You do the only logical thing and swim to the safety of Libya.

Loot Grinder v1.0.3.0 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2012-12-05 РАЗМЕР: 38 МБ ЦЕНА: 34,00р.

Loot Grinder is a retro RPG inspired by the 16-bit era classics. This game is all about doing battle and unlocking new classes and abilities. Do not look for boring paragraphs of text or generic story lines here. If all you want is to dive head first into some battles, this game is for you. Battle monsters, unlock classes, weapons and spells, upgrade your heroes, and collect loot.

InfiniteCave v1.0.0.1 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2013-02-04 РАЗМЕР: 9 МБ ЦЕНА: 104,00р.

Explore the Infinite Cave! Infinite cave is a strategic turned-based role-playing game. Fight against increasingly difficult enemies as you make your way deeper into the depths.

Doom And Destiny v1.0.0.0 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2012-12-27 РАЗМЕР: 86 МБ ЦЕНА: 34,00р.

After the incredible success on XBOX D&D arrives on a Phone edition that is even better than the console counterpart. Strange events bring four nerdy friends in a fantasy world made of cliche, strange people and a lot of humor. Featuring more than 25 hours of fun, 200 skills to defeat the 300+ enemies and over 500 between items and equipment D&D is a must have in your collection. Explore a gigantic world with more than 700 locations and unleash the power of the Spaghetti Monster!

Mysteryville 2 v1.0.0.0 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2013-01-10 РАЗМЕР: 24 МБ ЦЕНА: 54,00р.

Brave and talented journalist Laura Winner returns to the small town that everyone remembers from the award winning game Mysteryville. And once again she finds herself at the epicenter of a scandal. She plans to take a vacation and relax with her friend Bill Witowsky and ruined when she arrives to find that Bill is missing. She starts her own investigation and also discovers that the town’s new priest is about to organize an art and jewelery auction, something rather unusual for this small rural local. Could Bill’s disappearance be somehow linked to the auction? It’s up to Laura to find out.

Crystal Kingdom v1.1 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2012-04-12 РАЗМЕР: 11 МБ ЦЕНА: 34,00р.

The Crystal Kingdom is in jeopardy.

The Fall of Gods v1.5.0.0 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2012-01-12 РАЗМЕР: 64 МБ ЦЕНА: 34,00р.

Inspired by Great Action-RPG you used to play on 16-bit console (Zelda, Secret of Mana…)

Sword of Rapier v1.0.0.0 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2012-08-26 РАЗМЕР: 62 МБ ЦЕНА: 104,00р.

Brilliant attack from the slender rapier!

Dungeon Stalker v1.16 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2011-05-27 РАЗМЕР: 40 МБ ЦЕНА: 69,00р.

*** New in 1.16!

Final Fantasy V1.0.0.0 [ скачать бесплатно ]

ОБНОВЛЕНО: 2012-06-04 РАЗМЕР: ЦЕНА: 6,49 €

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